It’s your Stag party and you want to get stuck in straight away, no pulling on overalls, speeding around racetracks for you, no getting cold and wet listening to some fella telling you how to hold a paddle – eatin’ and drinkin’ is what you want. For your Stag party there’s plenty of good food and drink in Ireland – home of Stout and Whiskey. If you want to try a Food & Drink activity check out our options below.


Brewery Tour

Visit some of Ireland’s most famous breweries for your stag party. Get to see where how beer is created. From the wheat in the fields to fermenting in vast containers. Understand the different processes of how various beers are produced. Ah yes and then the good bit, the tasting.


Distillery Tour

Ireland is the home of the best whiskey (in Irish – uisce beatha – water of life) in the world. For your stag party go on a tour of Ireland’s most famous distillery – see how whiskey is distilled 3 times, as opposed to most scotch whisky which is only distilled twice. To be sure you’ll have to taste some whiskey too.


Whiskey Tasting

So if you don’t want to go on a Distillery Tour but are still interested in whiskey, well we can offer you an afternoon tasting various different whiskies. And sure you never know you might actually learn something on your stag party.


Connemara Pub Tour

Take a trip around some of Connemara’s finest drinking establishments – think cosy little places with peat fires, sandwiches, good beer, maybe some whiskey. Meet local characters who will fill in the silence when you’re sitting next to “Tom” from the accounts department where the stag works. Seriously, though, a great way to spend a few hours for your stag party, having someone drive you around pubs for an afternoon.


Beer & Curry Demo

Have some beers while picking up some curry tips. Relax lads, it’s not Masterchef – a really great activity for a few hours with a professional chef. Good to get a stag party going when people don’t know each other that well, yep you can wear a silly white chef’s hat if you insist.


Craft Beer Tasting

Look we’re predictable, we all have that same brand of beer everytime we go out. So for your stag party, just this once try a couple of different types of beers – dark beers, wheat beers, IPAs or stouts and many others. At the moment there is a real craft beer revolution both in the UK and Ireland. Sure if you don’t like them at least you had a bit of a laugh with your mates for an afternoon.



Look it ain’t complicated, it’s a stag party activity, no special skills required, just hands and a mouth. Burgers, chicken, ribs, sausages and more. Eat loads, drink a few cold ones and have a laugh with your mates.


Footie on the Big Screen

Big Match on ? Stag party on ? Well fear not, we’ve got you sorted for the best and biggest screens around. Settle down for the afternoon for pints and sport, you can’t beat that !