What's New ?

We’ve been running Stag Party Packages for years. We know what we’re up to. Now we want to invite all our UK friends over to enjoy a mighty Stag too. So hop on the plane – 7 airports to fly into or start your Irish Stag Party early by taking the Ferry across to Dublin with a few Pints aboard to pass the time. Nice !


Why Ireland ?

Dublin is a great place, make no mistake, but there are plenty other places in Ireland to have the craic in for your Irish Stag. Go Kayaking in Cork, Karting in Kilkenny, Laser Tag in Limerick, Bowling in Belfast, Golfing in Galway or on a Fr. Ted Tour in Ennis (hey, we have no activity starting with the letter “e”). We Know Ireland.

Why Dublin ?

We Know Dublin. The Irish are world experts at Pubs, sure haven’t we exported the themed Irish Pub worldwide. Go Hurling, Go Horseracing or Go with the Stag classics of Karting and Paintball. Taste a creamy Guinness and savour a Whiskey. Temple Bar – we were practically born there – we can show you it all for The Dublin Stag Company weekend party experience.